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What is the Dixon Clew

The Dixon Clew is the light, easy to use and safe way to secure all types of headsails and gennakers.

The simple D shaped ring is used to attach eyespliced headsail sheets with a Dyneema loop to various headsails and gennakers, with standard press or taped rings, using a cow hitch.

The Dixon Clew is easily changed from sail to sail, while the loop stays attached to the sheets.

It presents the distinct advantage of no bulky, heavy and difficult to untie knots that can cause problems if they get caught on the rigging or mast while tacking.


Designed by Gray Dixon, a sailor and designer with over 40 years experience, and manufactured in New Zealand, it is machined from marine grade aluminium plate and has been hard anodised.
The loop is made of Dyneema.

The Dixon Clew is the cost effective way of replacing bulky bowlines.
It can be used in conjunction with other systems that use loops on sheets to attach to sails and makes changing sails much quicker and easier.

Light weight:
small – 29 grams
medium – 39 grams
large – 53 grams

A bowline on 10mm braid weighs 60 grams dry and 80-90 grams wet
(you use two of them).

Breaking load – 3,538 kg
Safe working load – 1,769 kg

Cruising and race tested and proven.

Now available in New Zealand!

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